Cyber-security concerns are second only to concerns about the economy

Some say, “I’ve got nothing to hide, so why do I need encryption”
Well, then, would you ‘cc’ your regular emails to, say, 20 strangers?
If you answer ‘NO’, then you need encryption, because your emails are being scanned and read along the way!


Enhanced Email Security

  • Keep your existing providers and accounts
  • Full End-to-End ‘Client-Side’ Encryption
  • Encryption keys generated by you
  • Complok cannot read your emails
  • ISP’s and Email Providers cannot read your emails
  • Government entities cannot read your email
  • Includes Social Media and link tracking filters and cleaners
  • Clicked link info window – ‘before you go there’
  • Reduce Phishing and Ransomware tricks
  • Suspicious attachment (over 100) filtering and notifiers

And ‘Auto-Email’ sorting plus ‘Sender’s Regret’ countdown timer
Phishing ‘Rhetoric’ scanning and warning

Password Passport Technology 3.0

  • You create your personal email encryption keys
  • A unique, personal ‘Password Passport’ file is created
  • Your email key is protected with a 100+ character password!
  • You are the only entity in the world with this file
  • File must be present to setup Complok on more devices
  • Unlimited devices and accounts with total password safety
  • Revolutionary technology and safety

Full End-to-End Encrypted Texting

Texting or emailing?  Enjoy the same safety features…

Privacy and Security Journey Continues

Laptop and PC Theft Automatic File Encryption


Complok Email Client is our flagship product
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Needs and Uses

Personal data and ID safety are a priority for everyone and especially for anyone in the medical field.  All communications regarding a person’s health information must be protected at the highest level.

Hospitals and Medical Personnel

Doctors, nurses, patients

Secure communication in business these days is an absolute must.  Tracking scams, phishing, and privacy breaches are a constant and daily threat. Auto sort and delete saves working time.

Business and Legal Fields

Companies, lawyers, CEOs