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News Release (1/25/21): We have a new Windows 10 desktop client on the way – Spectacular!

I have always had some trouble with tech stuff, but this email program is so simple to use.
I fell victim once to phishing, but never again now.
This email program and SeniorPC have made my daily computer life so much easier.
Amazing bells & whistles. Thank you Complok!


Dentist, Retired

Complok Email Client

Providing vital protection in this hack filled world


All emails fully encrypted End-to-End
Encryption keys generated by you

Mobile Email

Encryption for on the go!
Safely use public WiFi

Attachment Safety

Extensions scanned
Intermediate open window

Email Tracking

Links cleaned – Pixel Tracking blocked
Social media, analytics, NWS, Hyperlink Audit

Phishing Scams

Emails scanned for phishing rhetoric
Alerts showing the items found

Link Sanitizing

Stop social media following
Just the link please!

Cyber-security concerns are second only to concerns about the economy

Your emails are read, scanned, archived along the way

Did you know – Over 400 cyberthreats detected per minute?  Read here

Encrypted Text Messaging

Enjoy End-to-End encrypted messaging

After using our mobile Complok Email app with your contact in encrypted mode, you will then be able to converse back and forth using our SAFE SEND text messenger.

Your messaging is now safe and secure.  No one else in the world with the encryption keys.


On message receipt, all Bridging Server messages are instantly deleted.  Nothing is left to be copied or even found.

Complok does not use the regular SMS channels, and therefore, no SMS company can store your communication.

No 3rd party has your encryption keys, so your messages are fully encrypted from the tapping of the ‘Send’ button to the receipt of your message on your contact’s phone.




If you like your provider – Keep your provider

Complok provides seamless integration with these 9 providers
There is no need to change to a dedicated email service provider

Gmail – Yahoo – Hotmail – Live – Outlook – AOL – iCloud – GMX – Zoho

(custom provider programming available for your company)

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