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All emails fully encrypted End-to-End
Encryption keys generated by you

Mobile Email

Encryption for on the go!
Safely use public WiFi

Email Tracking

Links cleaned – Pixel Tracking blocked
Social media, analytics, NWS, Hyperlink Audit

Phishing Scams

Emails scanned for phishing rhetoric
Alerts showing the items found

Unique Security Features

We are thinking of you

Whether at home or business, your device email is your portal to the outside world.  A lot of the world is not nice. Did you know that most of the emails you get from respectable companies, are sending you hidden Spy Bots to track when and how many times you opened the message.  They can even track your device IP Address location – Yikes!  All this information is sent back to them in the name of advertising .

This is a blatant intrusion into your space.  We will stop it for you.  You are in control.

Pixel Tracking Scam AKA Spy Bots

Yes, this is very shocking to many people.  The information they can track includes:  IF you opened the email and HOW many times, WHERE you opened it (IP Address), and WHEN you opened it.  This is really scary.  

Learn more here, but briefly a Tracking Pixel is a tiny, invisible image (or link) that is embedded into the email and when opened sends the information they desire back to them.  We have found some emails with over 20 of these in a single message.  Really bad.

And best of all…

About These Pixel Track Scans

On each of them, we selected LINK BLOCK
On opening they contained all the information WE needed
Clicked links and other images were normal
The sending company did NOT get any tracking info from us
Is this not what you want too?

Phishing Scan Report

Appears if suspicious wording found.  Note this email purports to be from PayPal.  Complok scanned and found these problems.  See the sender’s email address?  Obviously not from PayPal.  Read about the other problems discovered in our online help.

Link Sanitizing

Yes, we clean hyperlinks for you.  We remove all those analytics and tracking components.  We are especially fond of our cleaning of Social Media and Facebook ID tracking in these links too.

We clean both Pasted links from an outside source and any Clicked links that you may have received.  That way your device is the end of the line for the tracking!  We also scan these links for Hyperlink Auditing and Zero Width Spaces (ZWS) and notify you if found.

What does this mean for you?  Well, a much safer communication experience and fewer of those ‘tailored’ ads popping up everywhere.  Our notification window gives you that extra ‘pause’ to save yourself from that accidental quick click to disaster. Learn more here

Attachment File Name Scanning

If your email has attachments, we scan for over 100 cautionary file extensions and notify you with this window before you open them. Recall, opening a bad attachment is one of the primary ways virus and ransom ware get onto your machine.  You then can quickly scan the attachment names and make a decision to open or not.

We believe this feature to be of great help for seniors, casual or beginning users, and very busy folks at work receiving tons of emails each day – Where one bad click can really ruin your day.

Cyber-security concerns are second only to concerns about the economy

Some say, “I’ve got nothing to hide, so why do I need encryption”
Well, then, would you ‘cc’ your regular emails to, say, 20 strangers?
If you answer ‘NO’, then you need encryption, because your emails are being scanned and read along the way!

Encrypted Text Messaging

Enjoy End-to-End encrypted messaging

After you have used our mobile Complok Email app back and forth at least once with your contact in encrypted mode, the proper encryption keys will have been created on your phones.

Now our messenger app will be able to use these same encryption keys and provide you with full End-to-End encrypted messaging. 

**NEW**  The messenger app has now been blended into the email app – Just one app now!


On message receipt, all Bridging Server messages are instantly deleted.  Nothing is left to be copied or even found.

Complok does not use the regular SMS channels, and therefore, no SMS company can store your communication.

No 3rd party has your encryption keys, so your messages are fully encrypted from the tapping of the ‘Send’ button to the receipt of your message on your contact’s phone.




If you like your provider – Keep your provider

Complok provides seamless integration with these 9 providers
There is no need to change to a dedicated email service provider

Gmail – Yahoo – Hotmail – Live – Outlook – AOL – iCloud – GMX – Zoho

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