Reasonable Costs

  • Email 54 Client – Free to use, encryption functions require File Share management subscription
  • Laptop Security App – 14 day Free Trial, then $1.00 / month, per device
  • Senior PC Desktop App – Free
  • Utilities – Free
  • Encrypted Password Manager – Free
  • Medical Records Manager – Free
  • Address Book Manager – Free

Download Software

Double-Click on the downloaded file and follow onscreen instructions
See below for Windows Download alerts


Version: 2.0.0

Email Client

Version: 2.9.2

Utility Pack

Version:  2.2.4

Senior PC

Version:  2.3.6


Version: 2.0.2


Version: 2.0.1


Version:  2.0.1

Annual Management Subscriptions

Laptop App

$2.00 / month
Covers 2 PCs

Email Key File Share

$4.00 / month
Covers 4 devices (PC and Mobile)


All PC apps – Windows 8.1 and above

Oh, and please, review the help file on your app – at least once!

Laptop Security App

On app start, you will need to license it using your email address
Initial license is 14 day free ‘Trial’ and is converted to ‘Full’ on receipt of PayPal payment
License covers 2 PC’s. Billed annually as a management subscription.  No refunds for partial year usage

Email 54 Client and Mobile Email App – Key File Share

Client is free to download and use, both PC and mobile.
To utilize encryption, encryption ‘Key File Sharing’ in the cloud is necessary, and, clouds cost!
Initial license is 14 day free ‘Trial’ and is converted to ‘Full’ on receipt of PayPal payment.
License covers 4 devices (PC and mobile).  Billed annually as a management subscription. No refunds for partial year usage.

Mobile Encrypted Messenger

App is free to download, but requires the above described ‘Key File Sharing’ annual management subscription, setup in the email app first.
Messenger’s encryption functions use the email app’s encryption keys that are created when you use the email app.

Email Client Account Setup

Most of the providers require additional steps in order to use a 3rd party email client (as ours is).

These steps are primarily:

  1.  App Specific Passwords
  2. Two-step Authentication

Please consult the ‘Provider’ section on our Help page (Email Client tab) before adding your accounts.

Windows Download Alerts

Windows is really complicating the download process with its multiple warning windows (SmartScreen Filter) and browser bars. If you get any such warning, just find the ‘Actions’ button, or ‘More Info..’ link, then find the ‘Download anyway’ option. The exact wordings may differ among windows versions.  Some warnings include:

You get a warning ‘CompLok <name> Setup.msi is not commonly downloaded’
Then a button labeled ‘Discard’
Press the ‘Arrow’ and select ‘Keep’

On clicking the installer file, you get a big banner, ‘Windows protected your PC’
Click on the ‘More info’
Click ‘Run anyway’