Email Client – SafeSend Text Messenger 

Complok Encryption

We use symmetrical and asymmetrical encryption
Uses Once-per-Email encryption key
App generates encryption keys
No 3rd party key generators
Digital signature verify on receipt
Complok TSS Verify

Why use encryption?

Think – Yahoo breach
Think – Gmail scanning
Think – Foreign hack groups
Think – SMS company storage

Your Email’s Travels

Your email goes thru many nodes along the way to your recipient – Compromise is very possible

Password Passport

To provide you with a seamless experience across all your devices, the asymmetric encryption keys are stored in the cloud.
To absolutely ensure these keys are safe, they are encrypted with a 100+ password that you, and only you, create.

With Complok’s unique Password Passport file technology, a massively long password can easily be created.

Read about how ‘they’ can crack 14 random character passwords in a few seconds here

Complok Triple Shared Secret (TSS) Certificates

We add an additional layer of security against ‘Man in the Middle’ attacks.

Three separate Shared Secrets between sender and recipient are found for that email only.  A TSS certificate is generated, encrypted, and sent with the email.

On receipt, the TSS is again generated and compared with what was sent originally. They must be exactly the same.  If not the recipient is notified and is advised to contact the sender in another media to confirm the original.

This special Complok function is in addition to the RSA Signature Verification protocol.

Circle Of Trust

Complok allows you and your contacts to keep existing email providers and email addresses.  Just start using the Complok email client and feel good that your conversations are finally secure and private.  Finally.



End-to-End mobile encryption
Spy Pixel Tracker Scanning
Unlimited accounts
Sender’s regret timer
Auto Sort and Delete
Social Media / Analytics link filtering
Attachment warnings
Hyperlink auditing and ZWC warning
Known fake link detect
Phishing rhetoric scan
Read receipt request



Spam Filter


Automatic deletion on arrival
Add specific addresses to delete
Add specific words to catch in display name
Add specific domains to all on arrival

Email Sorting


Add full address to selected folder
Add domains to selected folder

Phishing Scan


Add words to scan for
Add short phrases to scan for
Can add safe addresses to exclude

Complok ships with many phish words and
phrases already built into the software


PC version only

Contact Calendar Notes


A separate calendar for each contact

Very easy to keep up with each contact’s events

Color Coded

Future Events:  Blue
Due Today:  Red
Past Events: Black


PC version only




Set tasks directly on an email.  Just enter
an action to take and the date to do it.

Emails in the list are then color coded:

Blue color for future events

Red color for due or past due events

Task Notifications


All due tasks notified in the top bar.

In the task window, you can view all tasks
for all accounts.  Perform edits and task
deletions here.

Never miss another Follow-up.

Here are some more great functions in Complok Email

Text-to-Speech – Unlimited Accounts – File and Folder Encryption Utility – Request Read Receipt

Sender’s Regret Countdown Timer – Calendar & Notes – Going thru customs Panic Button

Safe Send Text Messenger

Encrypted Text Messenger – Complok SafeSend

Uses Email Client’s encryption keys
Bypasses SMS company servers
All bridging cloud server files deleted on reading
Full End-to-End Encryption
Unlimited contacts

Safe Send messenger is now a component
of Email Client – Both in a single app!