Complok Encryption

Complok is Full End-to-End Encryption

Uses Once-per-Email encryption key
App generates encryption keys
No 3rd party key generators
Digital signature verify on receipt
Complok TSS Verify
Shared secret for max security

Our better methodology is clear



Complok warns you of:

Suspicious phish rhetoric
Suspicious attachment extensions

Video here

Complok Privacy

Received links cleaned of:
Social Media Tracking
Google Analytics

Copied/Pasted links cleaned of:
Social Media Tracking
Google Analytics

Link Cleaning Video here



End-to-End mobile encryption
Spy Pixel Tracker Scanning
Unlimited accounts
Sender’s regret timer
Auto-Sort on receipt
Social Media / Analytics link filtering
Attachment warnings
Hyperlink auditing and ZWC warning
Known fake link detect
Phishing rhetoric scan
Read receipt request
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Email Speed – Important?



Myth: The most important quality of an email client is speed.

Speed is what gets you into trouble….  Hurry, hurry, open it – Presto! Ransomware!

Complok directly interacts with the email server, does it’s many scans and sorts, in a smidgen of a second.

If suspicious items are found, notifications will appear, purposely giving you that extra pause to reflect on your next move.

Above and Beyond

TSS Certificate

  • Extra verify layer of security
  • Unique to each email
  • Verify email validity
  • Avoid MIM attack (Man-in the-Middle)

Travels and Trust

Your Email Travels

  • Makes many stops along the way
  • Your provider sees the content
  • Governments make copies
  • E-T-E encryption is the only answer

Circle of Trust

  • Everybody keeps their providers
  • No need to change email address
  • Confidential communications assured
  • Develop your secure contact network

Fantastic Complok Email Functions

Unlimited Accounts – Request Read Receipt – Large Image & Video Viewer

Spy Tracking Pixel Scanning and Blocking – Phishing Rhetoric Scan – Header IP Address Analysis

If you like your provider, keep your provider