Email Client – Complok Text Messenger

Communication security and peace of mind

Email still remains the most popular communication avenue for many users.
However, sending via the regular provider channels is not secure. 
Emails can be viewed along the way by your email provider, ISP, government agencies, and hackers.

The same goes for regular text messaging apps – not secure or private.

If you are not yet concerned about your communications, do a quick read here:

Google has been tracking nearly everything you buy online
Third-party app developers pulling data from the contents of Gmail messages
Wall Street Journal – Tech’s Dirty Secret: The App Developers Sifting Through Your Gmail
Chinese hackers had access to network’s text messages
WhatApp’s strategy to weaken its encryption and…



Encryption – Hows and Whys

  • Frequent hacking and email breaches in the news
    Think – Yahoo breach
  • Uses symmetrical and asymmetrical encryption
  • Uses ‘once-per-email’ encryption key
  • No back doors – We cannot decrypt your mail
  • Your app generates the encryption keys
  • No 3rd party key generation servers
    Think – They have copies
  • Attachments and images encrypted
  • Signature verification upon receipt
    Think – No in flight tampering


Regular Email vs Complok Encrypted Email

Your email goes thru many ‘nodes’ along the way to your recipient – Compromise is very possible

Encrypted Text Messenger

  • Enjoy full End-to-End encryption
  • Uses your email app encryption keys
  • Reading message => Immediate server delete
  • No message stored in the cloud
  • No message stored on your phone
  • No message stored at a SMS company
  • Bypasses regular SMS channels
  • Uses Complok TSs Verify Certificates
  • One tap – Conversation delete
  • 10 contact persons capacity


Introducing Password Passport 3.0 by Complok

To provide you with a seamless experience across all your devices, the asymmetric encryption keys are stored in the cloud.
To absolutely ensure these keys are safe, they are encrypted with a 100+ password that you, and only you, create.
This monster password requires the input of 2 items (2-Step MFA or Multi Factorial Authentication).

Item 1:  A passphrase that you come up with, can be easy and no special rules
Item 2:  Complok on your first device generates a random ‘Password Passport File’

Items 1 and 2 are combined in a special way to form your monster password, and this is used to encrypt your encryption keys!  Whew…
Now on all future Complok setups on future devices, you must have both items during the setup process.

Read about how ‘they’ can crack 14 random character passwords in a few seconds here

Complok Triple Shared Secret (TSs) Certificates

In addition to RSA signature verification, we are pleased to add additional layers of security against ‘Man in the middle’ attacks, hijacking, and content alterations.

With each message in the Email or Messaging app, we identify three separate ‘Shared Secrets’ between sender and recipient for that communication only.  A TSs certificate is generated, also encrypted and sent with each of your messages.

On receipt, the TSs is again generated and compared with what was sent originally. They must be exactly the same.  If not the recipient is notified and is advised to contact the sender in another media to confirm the original.

Social Media Filtering and Cleaning

Tired of Social Media and Tracking following you everywhere?

Complok Email54 does all this for you:

  • Clicked and Pasted links cleaned of:
    • Social Media and Facebook IDs
    • Google tracking analytics and campaigns
  • Email hack notifications for:
    • Hyperlink Auditing
    • Zero Width Space Hack
  • Examine the link first:
    • Reduce phishing attempt tricks
    • Reduce ransomware attempt tricks
    • Stop the ‘accidental’ quick link click
    • This little extra ‘pause’ could really save you

Circle Of Trust

Complok allows you to build your own email network with other Complok client users.
Each person keeping his original provider and account.
It is a comfort knowing your communications are secure.


  • Integrates with your regular email provider
  • Listen to your email content with automatic ‘Text-to-Speech’
  • Speech Recognition:  Accepts spoken commands
  • View attached images in deluxe image viewer
  • Included: File and Folder Encryption utility
  • Social Media IDs and Google Analytic cleaning
  • Unlimited accounts and devices
  • Spam filter, user defined
  • Sort email filter, sort emails on arrival to desired mailbox
  • Request Read Receipt integrated
  • Sender’s Regret countdown timer before sending
  • Calendar notes – Don’t forget that appointment!

Delete accounts, encrypted keys, contacts
Are you going through customs?


Mobile is now here for Android!

End-to-End mobile encryption.

Features include:

  • Unlimited accounts
  • Auto Sort and Delete
  • Social Media link filtering
  • Analytics link filtering
  • Attachment warnings
  • Zero link hack warning
  • Hyperlink auditing warning
  • Phishing rhetoric scan
  • Read receipt request
  • Text-to-Speech
  • Panic Button


  • Blocked will not appear in Inbox or Spam folders
  • Can add unlimited spam emails to list
  • Add specific words to catch in display name
  • Add specific domains to delete all on arrival


Pre-select emails from known senders to go directly to a folder of your choice.


Add and/or Delete words and phrases as desired.
When they appear in the message, you are warned!

Your emails are scanned for:
‘Hidden and Embedded’ unusual format tags

Keep in mind that nowadays, just about any file can be a bad boy,
even .doc and .pdf, so be careful.  Know your sender.


Phishing and Ransomware attacks primarily come from:

  1. Clicking on a bad link
  2. Opening a bad attachment

Introducing the ‘Attachment File Names’ safety window!

The window shown here always opens up when you opt in
to open attachments.  On opening, all attachments are scanned
for over 100 cautionary file extensions.

Any ‘suspicious’ are placed in the lower window for you to examine.

You make the decision, Yes or No, to include these files for opening.

We believe this feature to be of great help for seniors, casual or
beginning internet and email users, and very busy folks at work
receiving tons of emails per day – Where one bad click can really
ruin your day!

Read a good article on ‘Link Clicking’ here


PC version only

Contact Calendar Notes

You can easily enter notes and calendar
events for each contact separately

Email Send / Read History

Keep tract of all Send and Read activity
for each contact in your address book

Being able to quickly view your contact
email events is helpful in any business