Free Apps

Utility Pack with EZ Backup, Photo Renamer, File Scanner
Encrypted Password Manager
Medical Records Manager
Address Book Manager


We all know to backup on a regular basis, but we don’t.
It is not easy trying to remember which files are new or worked on.

Simply click and only new or changed files will be copied over to your external backup drive.
Easy, quick, no more difficulties (or excuses).


You download photos from your Smartphone or Digital Camera and voila, beautiful picture names – Not!

Renamer offers a quick, easy way to rename, resize and compress with a press of a button.


Scans your entire hard dick for any NEW or CHANGED files between selected dates.

Helpful if there is a computer problem that has ‘Suddenly’ occurred!


Encrypted Password Manager

Store your accounts and passwords safely, all protected by one Master Password that only you have.

Medical Records Manager

Organize and store your medical records and medications.  Print and take with you to the doctor.

Oh, and don’t forget to use our free Android app, SeniorMedRecord.  Find it in the Google Play Store.


Address Book Manager

Finally organize your address book.  Print and keep in a 3-ring binder.