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Main Email Listing
Read Screen
Compose Screen
Email Manage
Spy Pixels
Shared Secret

Some screens have a DONE and a CANCEL option:

Done: Returns to main screen with a refresh
Cancel: Returns to main screen, but no refresh


Open the Create Account window:  Options (3 dots) > Create Account

1. Tap PROVIDER and choose your provider
2. Enter your EMAIL ADDRESS
3. Enter your DISPLAY NAME for this account
4. Enter the account PASSWORD

Tap VALIDATE to verify all entered information.
Tap NEXT to go the FINISH ACCOUNT screen, and there press CREATE and you are done.

Important: Some of the providers require additional settings for a 3rd party email client to function
Please familiarize yourself with your providers requirements here

You can EDIT, DELETE, or set as PRIMARY an account in: Settings > Manage Accounts
(Editable items are:  IMAP ports, Display Name, Password)
(Primary means the account you first see on app start)


Messages Color Scheme

Blue:  Unread emails
Black: Read emails
Red: Selected emails, while in SELECT MODE, for moving or deletion

Lower Toolbar
Read Mode

On app start, you are in READ MODE, showing the read icon only.  Tap on any message to go the the Read Screen.

Select Mode

Tap the Read icon to switch to SELECT MODE which displays the SELECT ALL, DELETE, AND MOVE icons
Tap 1 or more messages that now turn Red, showing they are selected. Tap again to deselect
Tap the Select All to select all messages in current folder (not available if in Inbox)
Tapping the Select Mode icon takes you back to Read Mode

Refresh Listing

Two ways:

  1. Do a Pull Down on the listing
  2. Go to Settings, select:  Refresh Mailbox

We do not do any automatic timer refreshes, as that will drain your battery.


Top of read screen, tap the 3 dots to view options

Lower Toolbar

Listen (only Android)
Attachment bar show/hide
CC – Enables if sender Cc’d other recipients, tap to show them


To zoom your message, use ‘Pinch-to-Zoom’, just like any other app


Tap on attachment to open your phone’s SHARE menus

Your attachments are saved in a ‘Sand Box’ area of the device
Access them from the main screen via: Settings (3 dots) > MY DOWNLOADS
In My Downloads you can share or delete


In the main listing screen, tap the round ROUND PENCIL icon to open COMPOSE

Top Toolbar Icons

Clipboard: Tap to place clipboard text into the message box
Link: Tap to convert entered text message into a clickable link (for your recipient)  – see Text to Hyperlink below
Circle D:  Send to drafts
Paperclip:  Add attachment
Arrow:  Send it off

Next row

To:  Tap toggle this button to set the email type.  Values are:  To, Cc, Bcc
Receipt:  No – Tap to toggle with Yes
Encrypt:  No – Tap to toggle with Yes

Note: To read your encrypted mail, your recipient must also:

1. Be using Complok Secure Email App, either mobile or W10 desktop
2. Have the Shared Secret set up properly (either both use the SS or neither use the SS)

Recipient Select Buttons

Person Icon:  Tap to select from phone’s contacts
Plus Icon: Tap to manually add a recipient’s address

When you have a list and wish to remove an address, just tap it and confirm delete.

Text to Hyperlink

Converting entered text to a clickable link before sending, is a great convenience to your recipient.  On receipt, the recipient can then just tap on the link to open in a browser or share.

To perform this function, follow these rules:

1. The link text must be the only text entered and in proper URL form
2. Appropriate text formats are:

3. After the link text is entered, tap the Link icon in the top toolbar
4. Formatting will added to the text and it will turn blue

After you have performed the conversion, you can hit the enter key one or more times, and enter more message text.  This additional text will not be in the link but will also be colored blue, just letting you know you are sending a clickable link in the message.

In the image below, we first typed in:
We then tapped the LINK ICON and it was formatted

Add Attachments

Tap the ATTACHMENT ICON in the top toolbar

This brings up the CHOOSE SOURCE/DIRECTORY popup
Tap on your desired directory and the desired file to attach

In OPTIONS > SETTINGS, you can select an Attachment Image Size option


Tap the 3 dots to view OPTIONS

My Downloads (received email attachments go here)
Refresh Mailbox
Change Folder
Change Account
Create Account
Manage Accounts
Manage Folders
Email Auto-Sort
Phish Manage
Pixel Tracking
Shared Secret
Online Help


Both windows below are accessed by tapping OPTIONS (3 dots, upper-right)

Email Auto-Sort

Use this function to automatically sort incoming email to a certain folder

1. Manually add the full email ADDRESS
2. Tap CHOOSE SORT FOLDER and select desired folder

To remove a auto-sort, tap the REMOVE ADDRESS button, find the address and tap it

Phish Manage

In addition to the built in, phish scan rhetoric words and sentences, you can add additional words or short word sequences to be scanned on all read emails.

If you receive regular emails from known senders that may always have phishing words in them, you can exclude the from future scanning by entering the full email address in the EXCLUDE FULL ADDRESS area.


All emails opened for reading are scanned for hidden tracking pixels.  Recall, that these little gems send info about you back to the sender, supposedly in the name of advertising.

If found, a pop-up alert will appear:

How we do this

1. Initially choose BLOCK and REMEMBER SELECTION – NO
2. Check that email opens OK and what you need is accessible
3. If OK, then reopen email, and this time BLOCK and choose REMEMBER SELECTION – YES



Hi Security Mode

Out of the box, all emails between Complok users are fully End-to-End encrypted, if the ENCRYPT MESSAGE box is checked.  At this initial level, 3 separate encryption keys are generated, unique to each email, which protect the email contents.

Note:  If you select ENCRYPT MESSAGE and send to a non-Complok user, they will receive unreadable gobbledygook.

Max Security Mode

Add a SHARED SECRET to the encryption keys
Click the 3 dots (lower-left), and select SHARED SECRET
The SHARED SECRET window opens

Here, both parties agree on a ‘Shared Secret’ word/phrase.  The only difficulty is how to share something like this in a secured manner.
Proper options for this are:

1. In person
2. By regular mail in a sealed envelope
3. By confirmed encrypted text or voice mail messaging

Each party, then enters the secret in their own app as in this following example:

Bob’s email:
Sally’s email:
Shared Secret:  MountainTop789

Bob, in his shared secret page, enters Sally’s address ( and the secret (MountainTop789)
Sally, in her shared secret page, enters Bob’s address ( and the secret (MountainTop789)

Multiple Accounts

If either party has multiple accounts, then the SHARED SECRET must be entered for each account. 
If in the above example, Bob has 3 email accounts (,,  Sally then would enter the shared secret MountainTop789, 3 times, once for each of Bob’s email addresses.

Desktop App

If you also are using our Windows 10 email client, then you must use the same shared secret word for that recipient’s email address.  Our desktop app synchronizes perfectly with the mobile apps.


You can and should use different shared secret words for each contact you have.  Complok does NOT store or have any knowledge of your secrets.  It is entirely up to you to write them down or remember them in a way you choose.


To open the SETTINGS window, go to: Options > Settings

Limit Seen Emails

Complok will load all emails in any given folder, which is unlike other email clients which force you to wade thru screen after screen to get to older stuff.  Here, you can set a limit number to show for faster loading.

Attachment Image Size

Choose from: Normal, Large, Medium, Small

Text-to-Speech Language

Tap SELECT and choose from device options

Clean Clicked Links of SM and Analytics and Hyperlink Auditing and ZWS Hacks

Toggle switch to ON or OFF

Perform Phishing Scan

Toggle switch to ON or OFF

Sender’s Regret Timer

Toggle switch to ON for a 10 second countdown to sending