After Complok Laptop (CL) is setup, it will start, invisible, in the background on any device boot.  It will then begin a 60 second breach sequence leading to folder encryption and silent emails, unless any of these 3 things occur:

  1.  If internet connected, the current IP location is found in your safe IP location list
  2.  Your face is recognized by the laptop lid camera as the owner
  3.  You click on the task bar CL icon and enter your 4 digit PIN

You do not have to know that your device has been stolen and need to report that to some company first, before any action is taken.


CL has 2 operating modes, Visible and Stealth.

Visible: This is where you can see the app and perform all your setups
Stealth:  All setups complete, now running automatically, invisible, on computer boot

Breaches only occur when CL is running in Stealth Mode.


Condition: Internet Yes

Current location IP address is checked against your saved safe list.  If found, no breach.  If not found, breach sequence starts, unless your face is recognized or you enter your PIN at the task bar CL icon.  In these later situations, you should enter the current location IP address into your safe list if you plan on visiting that location again.

Condition: Internet No

Since the device cannot check the IP address location, a breach sequence will begin, unless your face is recognized or you enter your PIN at the task bar CL icon.


IP Address stands for, Internet Protocol Address, which is a number assigned to a device connected to a computer network.  It is fairly specific for a particular location. Click here to try it out!

Any location where you frequently use your laptop, you then enter that IP location into your safe list.  On future visits, if internet connected,  that location is recognized and will not perform a breach (folder encryption and silent emails).

To add a new safe location:

  1. Select:  Safe Locations
  2. Current IP Address:  Shows your current IP
  3. Enter Safe Name:  Enter a friendly name such as Home, Dad, Starbucks, etc.
  4. Press: Add IP Name
  5. Read the info on this page left of the listing

To remove a safe location:

  1. Select the name in the list
  2. Press:  Remove IP Name



The 4 digit PIN is used to:

  1.  Stop a breach in progress and bring CL out of Stealth mode
  2.  It must be set before you can go from Visible to Stealth mode

Your PIN is not recoverable by us.  You must keep it somewhere safe.

To set your PIN:

  1.  Select:  Settings > Set PIN
  2.  Enter your PIN twice, then click Save PIN

To reset your PIN:

  1. Click Delete Existing PIN
  2. Set a new PIN
Encryption Password

Folder encryption and all the files in them are encrypted in event of a completed breach.  This function is the hallmark of CL.  In event of a theft, device recovery is remote, but at least you know your sensitive data is protected.

Your password is not recoverable by us.  You must keep it somewhere safe.

To set password:

  1.  Select:  Settings > Set Password
  2.  Enter your password twice and press Save PW

To reset password:

  1.  Enter existing password
  2.  Press Delete PW
  3.  Enter a new password
Encryption Folders

Select your desired folders and all the files in them for breach encryption using the password you just created.

To select folders:

  1. Select:  Folder Encrypt
  2. Press Add to browse and select folders

To remove folders:

  1.  Select a folder in the listing
  2.  Press Remove

In event of a breach where encryption occurred:

  1.  Enter your encryption password
  2.  Press Decrypt


Laptop app can send you automatic, silent emails every 60 seconds, in event of a breach in stealth mode.

These emails will contain:

  1.  IP Address location
  2.  Screen shots
  3.  Thief mug shots, if your camera is functioning in the laptop lid, and a face is detected

You will use the SMTP sending option based on an email account you already have.

The steps:

  1.  Select:  Email Setup
  2.  Select your provider in Providers list
     The Outgoing SMTP server and Port fields are automatically filled out
     If you have a different provider, then contact them to get your Server and Port values and enter them manually
     You can click the View Servers/Ports button to see a list of provider’s info
  3.  Enter your email address and account password
  4.  Press Save Parameters
  5.  In the right sided panel and enter a recipient email or SMS address (this is probably your address)
  6.  Press Add
  7.  Send a test email now – Press Send Test Email


Select:  Breach Settings

On the breach settings page you can view the fixed, optional, and no internet functions that occur in event of a breach.

Optional Functions

Audio warning

This is something you will most likely want, in that you could start the device and not be thinking about the silent running CL app. 

Every 15 seconds there will be some beeps and then, Ahhh…, I remember! 

You then enter your PIN and stop the breach or hopefully your face is recognized. So don’t look away!

To enter your PIN during these 60 seconds:

 1.  Click on the red task bar CL icon


2.  Enter your 4 digit PIN
3.  Press OK
4.  When CL goes visible, add this IP location to your safe list, if this was an internet connected breach

Blue Screen of Death

Windows users are probably familiar with this bad screen.  It usually means that your device is in bad shape and you are unable to do anything.  This option will slow down the bad person and make him think the device is faulty.  At least your folders are then encrypted.


If your device has a camera in the lid, you can set up recognition for anyone who uses the device.  If any of these owner faces are detected during the first 60 seconds of an impending breach, it will be stopped.

  To set up owner faces:

  1.  Select:  Face Recognize
  2.  If camera not on, press Camera Off > Camera On
  3.  In First Name, type in a short name (don’t press Add Person yet)
  4.  Get your face in the camera until a steady, solid red border forms around your face
  5.  Press Add Person now
  6.  Repeat 4 and 5 with a few face tilts and expressions

The Recognition

In practice, now when a 60 second breach countdown has begun, if your face flashes by the camera, even for a fraction of a second, it will be recognized and stop the breach.


You have an initial 14 day free trial of CL.  After that a management license must be obtained.

  1.  Go to our download page, scroll down to Annual Management Subscriptions
  2.  Subscribe to Laptop App – Annual subscription
  3.  Use the same email address to register in our app as you use for PayPal
  4.  License is renewed annually, good for 2 devices, unless cancelled – Sorry, no refunds or credit for partial year use

To register:

  1.  Select:  Settings > Registration
  2.  In Create License, enter your email address
  3.  Press Create


Up till now, you have run CL by clicking on the desktop shortcut link.

To operate silently and invisibly, CL needs to have an auto-start link in your device’s startup menu and be running in Stealth Mode.

Perform these final 2 steps when you are ready for CL to go into action:


1.  Select:  Settings > Auto Start
2.  Select: Yes

Important note here:  Make sure Laptop app NOT set to Run as administrator

Before selecting Yes in Auto-Start, right-click the Laptop app desktop shortcut.  Select Properties, then Compatibility tab.  If the Run this program as an administrator is checked (even if grayed out), it must be unchecked.

If not grayed out, then uncheck it, press Apply, then OK.  If grayed out, click on Change settings for all users.  Then uncheck it, press Apply, then OK.

Now you can select Yes in Auto-Start.

Visible to Stealth Mode

  1.  Press Start Mode Visible (top-right)
  2.  Confirm PIN by entering your 4 digit PIN
  3.  Now is Start Mode Stealth
  4.  You can now close CL app

Now on next device boot, CL will begin doing all the things we have discussed above.

You can bring CL out of hiding at any time, by clicking the red task bar CL icon and entering your PIN.

CL Desktop Shortcut Thoughts…

When you initially installed Laptop app, we placed a desktop shortcut so you can start the app up and work on your settings easily.  However, in regular use, you may not want to have this shortcut seen in case of a theft situation.  This is totally up to you.

Remember, whenever you start the device, CL is silently working in the background and you can bring it back to life by clicking the red task bar CL icon and entering your PIN.

Another option, would be to rename the shortcut to something like ‘Games’ (right-click > Rename) and then be sure and use the Blue Screen of Death option which will cover up everything in 60 seconds anyway and your folders will be already encrypted.