Later versions of Android require manual setting of permissions.
When you first start the app, you will get a notice to set permissions. Proceed as follows:

  1.  Settings icon
  2.  Apps or App Manager or Application Manager (depending on version)
  3.  Find and tap on Complok Messenger
  4.  Scroll down to Permissions
  5.  Set both SMS and Storage to ON
  6.  Return to Messenger app and start with Add Contact


Messenger somewhat interfaces with the email app.  It uses the same encryption keys that are created when you use the email app.

Therefore, in order for Messenger to work with your contact(s):

1.  Both you and your contact must install the Complok Mobile Email app
2.  Each of you must have an active File Share subscription in force, setup in the Email app
3.  Each of you must send an encrypted email to each other – This means contact to you AND you to contact

After these steps,  the encryption keys necessary for your emails have been properly created and are ready for your Messenger app.


You can now add contacts if permissions have been set.

Click the 3 dots, upper-right, and select Add Contact to show the Add Contact screen shown below.

Each contact requires 4 items:

1.  Contact Name

There is not much room in the name labels, so choose a short name.
Example:  Mike, John, Lawyer Joe

2.  Contact Phone

This number must be the exact same number you use in your regular SMS messaging for this contact.
Must be 10 digits minimum and not have any commas, periods, dashes, parentheses.
Example: 8001234567

3.  Contact Email Address

Select the contact email address you used to send the encrypted email to this contact using the Complok Email app

4.  My Email Address

Tap and select the email address you used to send an encrypted email to this contact using Complok Email app
If you have multiple email accounts, be sure and select the one you used with this contact – This is very important

After these 4 items are complete, tap the Add Contact button.

You will then be taken back to the main window and can see your new contact in the tab list.  You can now send encrypted messages back and forth with this contact.

Example:  Normal Situation

Mark and Sally wish to communicate with both encrypted emails and text messaging.
They have each obtained a File Share Management subscription.

Phone: 555-123-4467

Phone: 888-321-3456

Step 1:  Send each other encrypted mail using the mobile Complok Email app. This means that Mark must send Sally an encrypted email AND Sally must send Mark an encrypted email. This creates the encryption keys on both phones.

Step 2:  In Mark’s messenger app, contact add:

  1.  Contact name:  Sally
  2.  Contact phone: 8883213456
  3.  Contact email address, choose:
  4.  My email address, choose:

Step 3:  In Sally’s messenger app, contact add:

  1.  Contact name: Mark
  2.  Contact phone: 5551234467
  3.  Contact email address, choose:
  4.  My email address, choose:
Example: Special Situation – Same email address for both you and the contact

This scenario would probably occur for a husband and wife.  Remember, both the husband and wife must send an encrypted email to each other in order to create the encryption keys on each phone.

Husband:  John, phone: 213-345-6678
Wife:  Mary, phone: 213-345-4453
They have 1 email account between them:

Husband, on his phone, in Add Contact
Name: Mary, Phone: 2133453353, Contact address:, My address:

Wife, on her phone, in Add Contact
Name: John, Phone: 2133456678, Contact address:, My address:

Multiple My Addresses

If you have multiple accounts, then this notice alert will appear.  Just make sure you choose the account that was used during the encrypted Email exchange with your contact.


Go to the 3 dots and select Manage Contacts to show the options screen.


Choose this option to open the Edit Contact screen.
Editable items are:

  1.  Phone number
  2.  Contact’s email address
  3.  My email address

Choose this option to remove a contact from the messenger app.


Go to the 3 dots and select Settings to open this screen.

There is only 1 option here, and that is if you want to send an alert to your contact’s regular SMS messenger so they know that a Complok Messenger message is available.  The message they will receive is:

New encrypted message on Complok Messenger

Why do we not use your phone’s regular SMS system?

1.  SMS allows only about 150 characters.  Our encrypted messages are typically longer than 2,000 – Even if just a single word!
2.  Complok messages are fleeting in nature and bypass the SMS companies, so you don’t have to be concerned about a SMS company retaining your stuff


The Messenger lower toolbar has 4 items. From left to right:

1.  Contact Info

Tap to see the 4 items associated with the contact:  Name, Phone, Contact Address, My address

2.  Delete

Permanently deletes the conversations from your device for this contact.  They are not saved or stored anywhere.
Kinda like a Snapchat deal….

3.  Get

Tap to get any pending messages on the Bridging Cloud Server.  If there are any, they will be downloaded, decrypted, shown in your conversation listing, and deleted from the server.  No message file is saved, copied, stored anywhere.

4.  New

Tap to open the editor and compose your message (sorry no attachments).  You can send the phone’s emoji images, but no stickers.
When you are done composing, tap anywhere outside the editor to close the keyboard or tap Send.  Here, the Send button appears to the right of your compose area, if there is text to send.

Note:  During message creation the New icon changes to Pencil No icon.  Tap the icon to erase what you have typed so far.


If your contact, the one who sent you a message, has enabled the setting ‘Send notify to regular SMS’, you should get your usual messaging notification and the message:  New encrypted message on Complok Messenger.

You then know you have a pending message over at Complok Messenger.

Click the Get button and if there are any pending messages, they will be shown in your conversation listing.  When you tap the Get, any and all pending (fully encrypted) messages on the Bridging Cloud Server are immediately and permanently deleted.

At this point, the ONLY, evidence of your message is what is showing on your phone.  This message is NOT stored anywhere. No file, nothing, only a memory string.

It does take a moment or two to get your message, as the app is performing a lot of decryption behind the scenes.  Security is what we are after, not simple speed.

Message Deletion Info

As we noted above, Getting your message deletes it off the server.

You can permanently delete any evidence of your conversation(s) from your device by any of the following:

  1.  Tap the Delete button for this contact (only deletes conversations for this contact)
  2.  Close the Complok Messenger app in app manager (deletes all conversations)
  3.  Turn your phone off (deletes all conversations)
  4.  Re-start your phone (deletes all conversations)
  5.  Tap the Android Overview button to view recent apps, then either:
    (any of these 3 options deletes ALL conversations)
    a.  Swipe messenger off the screen
    b.  Click the ‘x’ to remove it
    c.  Tap the Close All button


Just a bit of review here.

For our special encrypted messenger to work, we cannot use regular SMS channels for several reasons:

  1.  SMS companies store messages forever
  2.  Regular SMS messages may be encrypted along the way at times, but at the SMS company, probably not
  3.  Regular SMS messages can probably be hacked, diverted, copied, and changed
  4.  Our encrypted messages, even for a single word, are several thousand characters long (SMS cannot handle this)
  5.  We want our messages to have the feature of Self Destruct upon reading
  6.  Yep, as little slower, but so what – Security is paramount

Here ya go:  Chinese spies stealing text messages here