My Easy Phone Senior App


On a single page, you can access the main functions normally used by most folks.

Buttons that open your device’s default app:


Buttons that open Easy Phone pages:

Phone and Voice Mail

Phone and Voice Mail

Tap ‘Phone’ on the main page to enter the phone page.  Here you can use the dial pad to enter a phone number.  Then click ‘Done’ to send the completed number to the device’s dialer.

Toggle button:  USA – Other

Mode:  USA
Here, you must enter the standard 10 digit number starting with the area code.

Mode:  Other
Here, you can enter any freestyle number you wish.  Use this mode for international calls.

Device Contacts

Tap ‘Contacts’ at top-right, and select from the list

Voice Mail Setup

From the main screen, tap Settings (3 dots), and enter your voice mail number, then tap the ‘+’ button to save


Click this button to open up your favorite links page.  Tap on the item of your choice to open up in the device browser.  All items are editable and you can add or delete at will.  The ‘Home’ page has been preset to:, and again, is editable.

To Add, Edit, or Delete, click on ‘Manage’.

Add Link

1. Enter your new links short name
2. Enter the address, including the ‘https://’ or ‘http://’ as the case may be
3. Tap ‘Add New Link’

Edit Link

1. Click ‘Select Link’ and choose the link to edit
2. Type in the new address, again including the ‘https://’ or ‘http://’ as the case may be
3.  Tap ‘Edit Link’

Here is an example of how to edit the Weather link to get your local weather:

1. Weather has been preset to the National Weather Service:
2. We will now set to the weather in your area using your zip code
3. Tap the Weather link, the browser appears with national map
4. Tap the 3 dots and choose:  Open in Chrome
5. Upper left area, enter zip code
6. Choose your city in the drop-down menu that appeared
7. Map now appears for your area
8. Tap the 3 dots, then Share…
9. Choose: Copy Link
10. Go back to My Easy Phone, Manage page
11. Edit Link, Select Weather
12. Press and hold finger in Address area and a ‘Paste’ option will appear
13. Tap ‘Paste’
14. Tap ‘Edit Link’

Video (Android)

Unfortunately, Android with it’s new security storage rules, the video might be saved in a somewhat obscure location. Some Android phones save the video in the normal, Camera Roll folder, while other phones do not.

iOS saves the movie in the normal location: Pictures > Camera Roll

Here is the Android location if not in the Camera Roll folder:

My Files > Internal Storage > Android > data > com.thecomplokgroup.myeasyphone > files > Movies
(Sorry, hopefully this will change soon and we will publish an update if it does!)


Get a quick look at the atmospheric weather conditions based on pressure.

In general, low pressures are associated with inclement weather and higher values are indicative of clear and warmer conditions.  What matters even more is the trend of the pressure over several hours.  Rising values = better weather ahead.

How to read the barometer

Under 1009
Steady or rising:  clearer and cooler weather
Slowly falling:  rain
Quickly falling: storm

1009 – 1023
Steady or rising:  present conditions
Slowly falling:  little change
Quickly falling: storm, rain, or snow

Over 1023
Steady or rising:  fair weather continues
Slowly falling:  fair weather
Quickly falling: cloudy, warmer conditions

Keep in mind and a disclaimer here, that smartphones utilize sensors that are not as precise as a regular barometer.  So if you need absolute accurate values, use a regular barometer.

The units are in Hectopascals (hPA), which is now the universal unit of measure.
1 hPA = 1 mBar
1 hPA = 0.02953 inHg
1 hPA = 0.000986923 ATM


Add Person

To add/manage a person(s):

Tap Settings (3 dots) > Persons (Add/Delete)

This is the first thing to do. 
After adding a person, you can then input medical data for that person.
You can add unlimited persons to the app.

To Change to another person, just tap the top  Name Label, and select another person.


Add Records

Tap the Category Icon and select medical category from the shown list.  Once in that screen, you can tap the Add Icon to go to the add screen for that category.

Medical Categories

  1.  Appointments
  2.  Medications
  3.  Current Problems
  4.  Past Problems
  5.  Allergies
  6.  Tests
  7.  Surgeries
  8.  Immunizations
  9.  Family History
  10.  Doctors
  11.  Insurance
  12.  Contacts
  13.  Logs

Doctor Input – Google Navigation

If you wish to use the Maps Navigation feature when you enter your appointments, then you must enter your Doctor/Clinic information FIRST.  When you click on your appointment, you will then see the navigation options: 

Map – Navigate
Map – PlaceMarker

There are 2 parts to consider when adding doctor details:  Doctor info, Address info

Doctor Info

Simply input the name, specialty, and phone

Address Info

All fields required and must be precise and exact if you want automatic navigation to function.
The navigation function is utilized in the Appointments screen and will navigate you to your doctor or clinic.

When you enter the street, be sure and enter the suffix, such as Street, Drive, Avenue, Point, or whatever it is.
Add a doctor and all this information BEFORE you add an appointment to this doctor.

In the Add Appointment screen there is a button, CHOOSE DOCTOR
Use this feature to add your doctor for that appointment.

Now when you tap on an appointment, you have the options of:

1.  Edit
2.  Delete
3.  Map – Navigate
4.  Map – PlaceMarker
5.  View Reason

Tapping on either of the Map options will start navigation to that appointment address.

So in the image below:

  1.   We entered the full exact address when adding this doctor (in the ADD DOCTOR screen)
  2.   In ADD APPOINTMENTS, we tapped the CHOOSE DOCTOR button, which brought up the list
  3.   We tapped on Arthur Peterson, MD, to add him in the appointment (instead of typing his name in)
  4.   Then in the Appointments, we tapped on the appointment for Dr. Peterson and are presented with the options

Edit / Delete Records

Just tap on a record in any category and select Edit or Delete. 

In the case of the appointment category, you have the 5 options discussed above.

Listen To Records

Click on the head phones icon, next to the person name at the top

Google Maps Integration – Review

To use this feature, enter a complete address when adding a Doctor.  Always use the proper street suffix in full.
Add the doctor before you add an appointment.
In Add Appointment, use the Choose Doctor button to add doctor details.
Then when you click on an appointment in the appointments screen, you will be presented with options:

  1.  Edit
  2.  Delete
  3.  Map – Navigate
  4.  Map – PlaceMarker
  5. View Reason

Map – Navigate, will guide you to your destination from your starting point.
Map – PlaceMarker, will open a map with a Place Marker at the destination.

Print Medical Record

Files prepared for printing are stored in the app’s Print Files folder. To access, tap the Settings and Options (upper 3 dots) and select Print Files.

Then tap on the desired person and select from options Read or Share.  If your idea is to print the record, then select Share and share with an app, part of the phone, or cloud, to print with the app’s device print app.

Medical Documents

You can store important medical documents on your device.  This is especially important in an emergency where the attending physician would want to see them. 

Recommended documents include x-ray reports, scanned EKG’s, significant test results, etc.

Just use your device’s copy or move commands to move them into a device location of your choice.  Another option is to attach a USB and drag files from your MAC or PC to the device.

Share Data Between iPhone and iPad

You can use the iCloud to share a person’s medical file between devices.
Make sure both devices have the same Apple ID, are logged in, and connected to wi-fi

Step 1: Create Common Folder
  1. In either device, tap ‘Files’ icon
  2. Under locations, select: iCloud Drive
  3. Tap 3 dots (upper-right) and select: New Folder
  4. Name folder: Complok
  5. Complok folder should now show in your other device’s iCloud Drive
Step 2: Export Data File (ex: John Smith.xml)
  1. In the app, tap ‘Options’ (3 dots) and select: Export Person File
  2. Select desired Person – Share options opens
  3. Select: Save to Files
  4. Select: iCloud Drive > Complok folder
  5. Tap ‘Save’ (upper-right)
  6. File should appear in  the Complok folder of the other device
Step 3: Import Data File (ex: John Smith.xml)
  1. In the app, tap ‘Options’ (3 dots) and select: Import Person File
  2. Browse to Locations > iCloud Drive > Complok folder
  3. Select: Desired person’s name (the .xml may or may not be showing)
  4. File imported
  5. Tap ‘Select Person’ or if imported person’s name is showing, tap to select and refresh data