Global ID Setup

When you first start the mobile app, you are met with the welcome screen, then you are taken to the GLOBAL ID screen.
In W10, click the bottom-left button Global ID to open this window.

Your Global ID is what identifies you specifically to other Complok Security Messenger app users.
All your contacts will use your Global ID when they add you as a contact.
We use your EMAIL ADDRESS for this because:

1. It is unique in the world
2. It is easy for you to remember
3. You do not need a SIM card in your mobile device (i.e. a phone number)
4. Our app traffic does not go thru traditional SMS channels and servers

Note:  You can technically use any made up email address as we do not actually send to it nor need your email account credentials.  If you do make up something, create something bizarre so as to not conflict with any other ID out there.

Add Contacts

In mobile, click the 3 dots, upper-right, and select ADD CONTACT.
In W10, click the lower-left button Contacts to open this window.
You are now in the Add Contact screen.

Enter these 2 items:

1. Contact name
2. Contact’s email ID (this would be their Global ID email address)

Shared Secret

Hi Security Mode

Out of the box, all messages between Complok users are fully End-to-End encrypted.  At this initial level, 3 separate encryption keys are generated, unique to each message, which protect the message contents.

Max Security Mode

Add a SHARED SECRET to the encryption keys.
In mobile, click the 3 dots (upper-right), and select SHARED SECRET.
In W10, click the lower-left button Shared Secret to open this window.
The SHARED SECRET screen opens.

Here, both parties agree on a ‘Shared Secret’ word/phrase.  The only difficulty is how to share something like this in a secured manner.
Proper options for this are:

1. In person
2. By regular mail in a sealed envelope
3. By confirmed encrypted text or voice mail messaging

Each party, then enters the secret in their own app.

Note: If only 1 person enters a shared secret and that person’s contact does not, then decryption errors will occur.


In mobile, go to the 3 dots and select MANAGE CONTACTS to show this screen.
In W10, see the above screen for Add Contacts.
Here you can EDIT contact ID info or DELETE a contact altogether


1. Click SELECT and select contact to edit
2. Edit the contact’s Email ID (if the contact instructed you to do so)
3. Click EDIT to complete the action

About Editing.  If your contact changed their Global ID in their device, then you would need to edit the contact’s ID in your device.  There really should be no need for a person to change their Global ID, but the function is here if ever is required.


In mobile, click the SELECT in the Delete Contact section, select the contact and delete.
All conversations will also be deleted from your device.
The Shared Secret for this contact is also deleted.
In W10, select the contact, then press the Delete button.


Contacts Screen

This screen shows all your contacts. Tap on a contact to go to the CONVERSATION screen.
In W10, all contacts are shown in the left panel and conversations shown in the right panel.

The column circles will highlight the INITIAL of the contact, but will show a NUMBER if there are pending messages on the server.

Auto-Notify New Message Alert

When a new message arrives on the server for any of your contacts, an alert sound will be heard, the name will color blue (if not already), and the circle will contain the number of pending messages (as seen below for Abel Prior).


See mobile screens below.
Left: Create Messages Mode
Right: Delete Messages Mode

Create Message

 Tap in the lower ‘Enter Message’ box area, type a message, then tap the Send Arrow.

In this screen the server is automatically checked for any new messages, and if so, are downloaded, decrypted, and shown with a little alert blip sound.

Delete message(s)

Tap the Delete icon at the top to change screen to delete mode
Tap to select message(s) to delete (text turns red)
Tap Delete


Click the CHECK MARK icon to change to select mode
Check the conversations to delete, or check the SELECT ALL
Click the DELETE  button

Note: This action is permanent. Nothing is saved anywhere!


Just a bit of review here.

For our special encrypted messenger to work, we cannot use regular SMS channels for several reasons:

  1.  SMS companies store messages forever
  2.  Regular SMS messages may be encrypted along the way at times, but at the SMS company, probably not
  3.  Regular SMS messages can probably be hacked, diverted, copied, and changed
  4.  Our encrypted messages, even for a single word, are several thousand characters long (SMS cannot handle this)
  5.  On reading a message, the server file is immediately and permanently deleted without any copies anywhere
  6.  App is not SMS hot wired, so must be running to get new messages and alerts
  7. Think about all the folks in trouble over their text messages – Don’t be one of them
  8.  Yep, as little slower, but so what – Security is paramount

Here ya go:  Chinese spies stealing text messages here