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More importantly, any ‘Pre-Selected’ folders are automatically encrypted

Complok’s Laptop Security

Face it.  The probability of a stolen device retrieval is remote.  The main issue is the protection of sensitive information.  Our app will automatically encrypt your preselected folders in this unfortunate event.  If the thief is able to connect to the internet, silent emails are then sent you you with the device’s IP address, screen shots and camera mug shots. (To give to the police of course)

Our app is different (and better), in that you don’t have to know the device was stolen and then notify some company first.

Safe Locations

Here is a photo of what the app looks like on a regular startup in ‘Visible Mode’.
You enter ‘Safe IP Locations’ when you take the device to a new place.
If the device starts up in a ‘Non-Safe Location’ it will ‘Breach’ and secure the device.

Breach Settings

Fixed and optional settings are taken care of on this page.
A breach happens 1 minute after your device is started in a ‘Non-Safe’ location or no internet.

Note:  Starting in Ver. 2.1.0, facial recognition has been implemented, which you setup in advance.  Then if your device starts up in a non-safe location or no internet, but the lid camera ‘sees you’, the laptop will not breach.  You can then input the safe IP address.

Options are:

  1.  Audio warning beeps to remind you to enter your 4-digit PIN, to prevent a breach.
  2.  Blue Screen of Death.  Windows users know this screen.  It prevents any operation of the device and will cause the thief to believe that the device is a pile of junk.

When settings are complete, you simply toggle the ‘Start Mode Visible’ to ‘Start Mode Stealth’.  Thereafter, the app starts up silently in the background, working away, without the bad guys knowing about it.

Folders Encrypt

The most important function of Complok Laptop!

In the unfortunate event of a device theft or loss and a breach occurs, your important, preselected, folders and their content files are instantly encrypted with a password you chose in advance.  All this happens without you having to know that your machine was stolen and have to notify some company.

If you device is recovered, you then can decrypt the folders and files with your password.
Hint: Use our Utilities Backup function often to backup your devices!

More Details

  1.  The silent emails can also be to your smartphone, using Email-to-SMS
  2.  Facial recognition setup and face training for the devices owner – your laptop recognizes you only
  3.  View more on our Help page, link below


Use in conjunction with our  Email Client for more security