Further enjoy End-to-End encryption in text messaging
The same safety features found in our email client

Available for Android, iPhone, and W10 Desktop

Unique Features

  • No SMS company used – No messages therefore to be copied and stored
  • Full encryption from your device to your contact’s device
  • Each message generates 3 separate, unique encryption keys, just for that message
  • No SIM card needed in your phone
  • On reading, all ‘Bridging Server’ files are deleted
  • And of course, both parties must be using this app
  • W10 desktop perfectly syncs with our mobile app


In the above, right device, we tapped 2 messages to select for deletion (they turn to red text).
Then tapped DELETE and they are gone forever, not stored or found anywhere on the planet.
Messages are only stored on your device and are gone when you delete them, mobile and W10!