My Vax Record

Keep a copy of your vax card or agency issued QR code image with you on your phone
Optimized for C-19 vax records

Version 1.2 now has the ability to store and show up to 3 images.  We suggest:

  1. Vax Card photo
  2. QR Code image
  3. Your ID photo

Keeping a copy of your vax card on your person is probably a good thing at this point in time as many cities and businesses are requiring some proof of Covid vaccination.  As most persons do not want to carry around the original, this app is a good option.

Simple setup:

1. Input your name
2. Input info about your jabs (Type, Lot number, Date)
3. Take a photo of your vax card, QR code, and personal ID and input into app
4. Change the main page title if desired (such as: Covid-19 Vax Record)

Note:  This app does not take the place of any required Government or Health Agency vaccine passport.  It is not ‘hooked up’ to any database.