The Good Sleep

An app to promote the regular cycles of sleep
Designed and programmed by a USA physician

So, we viewed a television program called Nova with a scientific episode on sleep and current research into all the mysteries.  At one point they hooked up a person with an EEG and headband with speakers into both ears, then pulsed PINK NOISE, attempting to synchronize with the delta waves of deep sleep.  They found they could in fact increase the delta sleep pattern.

Unfortunately, as we all age, our sleep quality reduces and in many does become a real problem, leading to all the prescriptions, herbs and the like.

Our idea here is to play pink noise in a fashion, with ebbs and flows of volume and frequency that tries to ‘mimic’ a normal, average night of sleep cycles.  Our anecdotal test subjects do report improvement in several aspects of the sleep experience.

One big help, seems to be in the ability to get to sleep.  Many times our minds are running and racing, and the steady flow of the Pink Noise might help to reduce this problem.

Pink Noise

Pink noise is one of the most common signals in biological systems. The scientific definition is:

Pink noise is a signal or process with a frequency spectrum such that the  power spectral density is inversely proportional to the frequency of the signal. In pink noise, each halving or doubling in frequency carries an equal amount of noise energy. Visible light in this spectrum has a pink appearance.

In regards to our world, scientists have found many interesting correlations.  These include, fluctuations in the tides, quasar light emissions, heart beats, the firing of single brain neurons, and the statistics of DNA sequences.  Pitch and loudness fluctuations in speech and music are also pink noises.

Read more at Wikipedia, under the section Occurrence

The App

Very simple. 

Set your usual time to get to sleep and press Play.  For this initial time, steady pink noise is played, then changes to the normal sleep cycles and stages for the rest of the night. After it starts, adjust volume so you can just hear it without strain.

Objective Sleep Score Results

We show you here a test we did using the app along with a Fitbit Charge 4 to obtain a sleep score.  Here a value above 80 is considered ‘Good’ and below that considered ‘Fair’.

We wore the device for a week to obtain a baseline of sleep scores – all were below 80.  We then used the Good Sleep app on alternate nights beginning Tuesday June 2.

As you can see, all the nights using the app got the sleeper above an 80 score!  So, give it a try!